Women Going For It! Taking Risks After 50

Women Going For It! Taking Risks After 50

Genres: Motivational, Self-Help, Women
ISBN: 9781732095205

Twenty-six dynamic women, 50s through 80s, share their compelling risk-taking stories with grit and humor. Donating a kidney to a stranger, building schools in Ethiopia, racing around a Roller Derby track—they triumph over fears and offer advice. Tools for taking risks are included. From Maine to California, Costa Rica to Kenya, these women will entertain and inspire you.

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About the Book

Quotes from women’s stories

“If I don’t try it, will I regret it?”
—Denise, Rhode Island

“When my 6-year-old granddaughter was told that Granny was going to jump out of an airplane, she asked, ‘Isn’t that dangerous?’”
—Felicity, Maine

“It was crazy to ruin nature this way. My heart told me I needed to fight this.”
—Elke, Nova Scotia

Praise for Women Going For It! Taking Risks After 50

 “Illuminating and empowering”
—Dr. Vickie R. Driver, physician and professor

“Uplifting stories of hope … Valuable and helpful risk-taking tips.”
—Mary Lou Carolan, library director/community innovator

“Reading the stories of these women and the adventures they embark on is inspirational, no matter what your age.”
—Fran Hodgkins, award-winning author

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